Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Journey, New Destinations!!

It’s been long time since I have posted anything on this blog. The reason is obvious. I have nothing great to share and I refrained from posting anything that would impact sanctity of this blog. Over the last few years this blog served as inspiration for students who wanted to fulfill their MBA dream against all odds. Thanks for many of yours encouraging comments in pasts which made me to feel good about my writing effort.

Once a recruiter asked me a question, can you tell me about myself that can’t be described on my CV? I told him that achievements on my CV are like milestones in my ‘dream journey’. When I look back when I was in school I dreamed to become best engineer. I dreamed for IIT and landed up in COEP. Then I dreamed to get my MBA from best b-school and ended up at IIMA. It wasn’t an easy journey but what made it more interesting were my dreams and my faith in them.

The reason for not writing is I stopped dreaming (or in other words I was dreaming for wrong things :) ). You won’t believe but last few years I was in the mode of optimization. I optimized my performance in MBA, my job choice and even many more things. This overshadowed my ‘dreamy mind’.

….and then I asked myself a question what’s my FINAL DESTINATION? Do a consulting career in USA or a swanky corporate job back home? The answer wasn’t any of this and I started dreaming again. Only difference is this time I am dreaming to make DIFFERENCE!

I am resting my pen for this blog and you can catch my New Dream, New Journey, New Destination at my blog Dream A Day. Best wishes for new year!


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